Relationship: Siblings

Siblings may be annoying.but they’re your siblings,younger or older. Learn how to co-exist with each other,like do things both of you like to do,or talk about something you like etc. Heated battles are always  the reason to keep hating. I do the same,fight and hate. 🙂 LOL. You can keep it calm by discussing,make a conclusion and then both apologise. Twin sisters can share their things like makeup or jewellery etc,or even share girly secrets. The opposite can be done with twin brothers. Share things etc. Some siblings like making bribe kind of deals like,” If you tell mom I didn’t break the glass,I promise I’ll give you chocolate.”
That is what the elder sibling would say to the younger sibling to keep them away from the ‘so’ called ‘danger’. I say,from now we should all learn to live with our siblings as they to are our life time supporters.

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2 thoughts on “Relationship: Siblings

  1. Fatima

    sooo true siblings r siblings no matter what u do they will be always there for u

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