winter trends

Hey everyone!

Winter is coming and your lost on how to stay in style!

Here’s whats in fashion-

Coats- in all colors and styles,everyone who’s anyone has one! Fur coats look AMAZING… get yourself one.

Its winter…so this time go for heavy makeup. Lots of mascara and eyeliner…

Looking great! 

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5 thoughts on “winter trends

  1. electrode2004

    O_o -_- cool post xD

  2. Kewl! 😛 I like the post. 😛

  3. beryypunch5757

    Thanks ppl. Ps. Who is electrode 2004 and whats so weird O.o

  4. electrode2004

    uhhh Berrypunch5757 I am Electrode2004 and I am Pikachu’s brother and this isn’t a big deal about it! 😀

  5. berrypunch5757

    i know. there isnt a big deal … and cuz u made that face.

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