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Obama: Re-elected President 2012

WASHINGTON — Barack Obama defeated his Republican challenger despite a  bitterly contested election that had the U.S. president’s supporters fearful he  was doomed to the indignity of a single term.

Victory was declared after several gut-wrenching hours that saw Obama and  Mitt Romney spend election night much as they did the presidential campaign — in  a neck-and-neck, topsy-turvy horse race.
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Hey there! If you’re reading this then this means I want YOU to help me out by commenting on  my posts and tell me if you like it or not.
If not,then tell me what I can do to  make my future posts more entertaining or better. Give me more topics to cover or ask for polls,anything! If you would like to make a request anyhow,then don’t hesitate,I’m open for everything. Please spread the word about Everything Weekly.
Thanks. 😀

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We Are The World

We Are The World,we are the world and we can make a difference. If you listen to this song,it means we can make a change in the world and end modern-day slavery etc.

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Relationship: Siblings

Siblings may be annoying.but they’re your siblings,younger or older. Learn how to co-exist with each other,like do things both of you like to do,or talk about something you like etc. Heated battles are always  the reason to keep hating. I do the same,fight and hate. 🙂 LOL. You can keep it calm by discussing,make a conclusion and then both apologise. Twin sisters can share their things like makeup or jewellery etc,or even share girly secrets. The opposite can be done with twin brothers. Share things etc. Some siblings like making bribe kind of deals like,” If you tell mom I didn’t break the glass,I promise I’ll give you chocolate.”
That is what the elder sibling would say to the younger sibling to keep them away from the ‘so’ called ‘danger’. I say,from now we should all learn to live with our siblings as they to are our life time supporters.

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winter trends

Hey everyone!

Winter is coming and your lost on how to stay in style!

Here’s whats in fashion-

Coats- in all colors and styles,everyone who’s anyone has one! Fur coats look AMAZING… get yourself one.

Its winter…so this time go for heavy makeup. Lots of mascara and eyeliner…

Looking great! 

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