Why Michael Jackson is King of Pop

Dear Reader(s),
Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29th 1958 – June 25th 2009) was an American recording artist,businessman and entertainer.

Name: Michael Joseph Jackson
Nickname(s): Michael Joe Jackson, Wacko Jacko,King of Pop,King of All Music Videos,King of Music, MJ
Born: August 29th 1958
Birthplace: Gary,Indiana U.S
Died: June 25th 2009
Death place: Los Angeles,California U.S
Notable Albums: Thriller,Bad,Off The Wall,Dangerous,HIStory
Other Albums : Invincible,This Is It
Why is he famous:
1. Second Best Selling Artist (750 Million copies worldwide)
2. Best Album : Thriller (65 – 110 million copies worldwide,estimated)
3. Dance: Moonwalk,Robot and others
4. Vocals
5. Mastery over James Brown vocals and dance moves along with Diana Ross’s “OOohs” and “Aaahs”
6. Jackson 5 / Jacksons

I’m obsessed with Michael Jackson!!!!! I looooooove him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MJ ROCKS! MJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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