Ugh! Annoying sibblings!

To those out there, who have annoying brothers or sisters, i feel sorry for you. I could suggest two ways for you.

  • No. 1 If you want to settle this fight in a peaceful way, then you should do something for your sibling and let them know that you are tired of fighting. Eventually, your sibling will feel bad and end up saying, “Sorry” to you.
  • No. 2 If you are a violent one, then you should find something embarrassing about your sibling. Then reveal to his/her class. This will tell your sibling that you mean war but if you love your sibling then you will not do this and forgive your siblings.

The thing i hate the most about big brothers and sisters is that you idolise them but they don’t know and act like such a pig         towards you.But we all should be thankful that atleast we have a sibling but some of us don’t have any or may have lost them. And that is the reason why we should end our fights with our siblings.

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One thought on “Ugh! Annoying sibblings!

  1. True but I’d rather beat my little brother up! 😛 The annoying twit.

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